2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Bordering on insanity

With 19 border crossings across 14 countries under our belt it’s safe to say they’ve been a staple for us in the last ten months. We never really thought too much about them when we were planning the trip, other than to double check visa requirements and potential costs. To be honest we were prettyContinue reading “2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Bordering on insanity”

2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Money, Money, Money….

How does the ABBA song go? ‘Must be funny. In a rich man’s world.’ Well it’s definitely funny in South America. When coming on the trip, we obviously knew we’d have to get used to handling lots of different currencies as we traveled around 17 different countries. What we didn’t really account for is howContinue reading “2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Money, Money, Money….”

2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Sleeping beauties

Well, some of the time so it seems. Before this trip we probably didn’t realize how precious a good night’s sleep was.  We generally got the 8 hours recommended per night (more or less). Since we started the trip, we’ve often been lucky to get 3-4 hours. Thankfully there’s been times when we’ve not beenContinue reading “2minionsontour backpacking escapades: Sleeping beauties”

São Paulo & Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

City stats São Paulo Population: 12.2m Area: 1.521 km2 Elevation: 780m Average temperature: 24C City stats Foz do Iguaçu Population: 263.508 Area: 618 km2 Elevation: 164m Average temperature: 30C From one jungle to the next One a concrete jungle, the other an actual jungle (or Atlantic forest we were told); our final two stops inContinue reading “São Paulo & Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil”

Brasilia to Ouro Preto

Architectural, Botanical & Colonial Extravaganza We spent week 3 of the trip with just a couple of days in a few different cities (Brasilia, Belo Horizonte & Ouro Preto). Here, we give you the stand-out experience from each place. Architectural (Brasilia) When we told people that we were going to visit Brasilia, the response fromContinue reading “Brasilia to Ouro Preto”

Salvador, Brazil

City stats Population: 3.0m Area 693km2 Elevation: 8m Co-ordinates: 12o58’29’S  38o28’36’’W Average temperature: 32C Sun, Sea & Samba Take 2 (but the people steal the show). The bits we missed in Rio, Salvador delivered. With both of us feeling much better and each of the 5 days we stayed reaching around 34C with full sun, weContinue reading “Salvador, Brazil”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Population: 6.7m Area: 1,221km2 Elevation: 0-1,020m Co-ordinates: 22o54’30’’S 43o11’47’’W Average temperature: 25C Sun, Sea & Samba Well, not quite. After months of anticipation it seems that the universe had different ideas for the start of our trip. Firstly, the weather was unseasonably cloudy and wet for almost our entire stay. This was a common annoyanceContinue reading “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”